My man I understand where you're coming from but as someone who was the victim of a violent crime, believe me criminals sometimes don't make logical decisions during the crime. I got mugged inside my apartment last year and for some reason the dude decided to only take half the money I had instead of it all. He also decided to stick around and smoke a couple cigarettes, just chilling on the couch until he decided to leave. Like, what sense is there in that? None. Regarding the shooting maybe the evidence seems stark as to prevent copy cats. Or the feds want to prevent triggering fanatic conspiracy theorists. Or the kids are so traumatized they're confusing memories with events and that's why they all remember different things. We don't know, my man! I just hope you're not too consumed by what you wind up reading online and lose sleep over it all. Take care of yourself! Peace and compassion your way 🕊🙏🏻

H A P P Y and you should be TOO!!! LIFE IS AMAZING 👏🦝🦄🌺🍭I write for ILLUMINATION, The Memoirist, Fuck Niches, and The Orange Journal.

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