And like NO ONE wants to think critically about this at all. Like ok, for the people who are truly trans, they couldn't hide it. But this many trans kids just popping out of nowhere? And we have to take their words as gospel? I mean fine, let them experiment in private, at home, wearing clothes intended for the opposite sex for a couple of years if the kid really insists. But maybe they saw something on TV! Maybe they want to feel exotic. Maybe they want attention. There's so many other explanations. Doesn't mean we have to necessarily be rude and completely invalidate how the kid feels, just we need to get to the bottom of what inspired the sudden change. And for the most part, kids will do stuff subconsciously without knowing there's a name for it anyway, and parents may be able to tell from an early age that something's up.

H A P P Y and you should be TOO!!! LIFE IS AMAZING 👏🦝🦄🌺🍭I write for ILLUMINATION, The Memoirist, Fuck Niches, and The Orange Journal.

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