A gun with a large chamber as well as additional features to permit it to fire more rapidly (I understand following the Las Vegas incident bump stocks were banned) has a far more significant capacity than death by any other means. I actually want a gun, for the record - I am personally traumatized by a home invasion I experienced and to this day, I wish I had been in possession of a gun. However I have to play devil's advocate here and be frank about the potential of some guns to kill far more than knives or car rammings. Like I'm aware of the sarin gas attack in Japan and the Oklahoma City bombing and all but you must be marginally intelligent enough to carry those kinds of attacks out. And not all criminals who can't wait to kill are patient enough to learn the science behind executing those kinds of attacks.

H A P P Y and you should be TOO!!! LIFE IS AMAZING 👏🦝🦄🌺🍭I write for ILLUMINATION, The Memoirist, Fuck Niches, and The Orange Journal.

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